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Backing up Serato Crates Wirelessly

I recently set up a wireless backup for all of the songs in my Serato Crates. Using Carbon Copy Cloner, I am able to sync all of the songs using a wireless connection to a hard drive in my home. For this to work, I connect my Macbook to my Apple Airpot Extreme, and a USB Hard Drive. Carbon Copy Cloner moves the files from my crates to the network drive, keeping an exact copy of my crates on the home hard drive.  It also keeps a separate folder of all of the deleted songs, in case I need to get a song back that I have deleted from my crates.



  1. Export songs from Serato crate to a corresponding folder on your computer. Using the Files view, drag and drop the songs from a Serato Crate to its corresponding folder. This will move the location of all of the songs in the crate to the destination folder. You will need to create a folder for each Serato crate in the proper hierarchy.
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  2. Plug in and mount the external USB hard drive into the Airport Extreme router.
  3. Configure Carbon Copy Cloner to copy the folder containing all of your exported Serato crates to the new network USB hard drive.
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  4. Clone

Solutions Consultant @ LogMeIn

I recently joined LogMeIn as a Solutions Consultant. I am very happy to be spending my days in the Seaport of Boston. Our products range from video conferencing to Internet-Of-Things to software for tech teams.  Now that I am back in the city for the day job, lets get coffee!

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What’s in my DJ Bag

To compliment a few posts on DJ Tech Tools, I wanted to share what is inside of my DJ bag.





  • Serato SL.2. Serato USB card used for backup.
  • Sony MDR-V700. I had purchased 2 pairs of these while they were still in production and once these break, I will need to move on to a new model.
  • Macbook Pro 13″ (2013) with Rekordbox and Serato DJ.


  • RCA Wires, XLR, Ipod
  • USB cables for CDJ’s and Serato backup

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