Breaking Down the top 10 tweeters.

In a quick breakdown of the top 10 twitter users, or tweeters as they are commonly called, I notice 80% of the members of this elite group are native only to the nerd world formally called the internet. Other than president elect Barack Obama(#1) and nationally renouned author Guy Kawasaki(#9), the top 10 are only on top of their game in the world of digital media.  Some became famous because of their distribution of audio and video throughout the net like Kevin Rose(#2), Alex Albrecht(#8) and Leo Laporte(#3).  Others don’t even exist in a human form such as CNN Breaking News(#4), Macrumors Apple news website(#10), and Twitter’s own company account Twitter(#7).  Finally we have Rober Scoble or Scobliezer(#6) who is a self proclaimed ‘tech geek blogger’.   The difference in followers between #1 and #10 is 121,756 followers which proves how much of an influence that our upcoming president has on Twitters social networking sphere.
My personal favorite(because iJustine didn’t make the cut) is Kevin Rose who is the founder of Digg, and a frequent QIK video uploader.  To find more information about twitter check out Mike Volpe’s (@mikevolpe on twitter) State of the Twittersphere which breaks down follower counts, usage rates, and the infamous Twitter Grader.
BarackObama (165,414)
kevinrose (84,823)
leolaporte (72,110)
cnnbrk (70,095)
JasonCalacanis (48,371)
scobleizer (47,828)
twitter (47,562)
alexalbrecht (46,276)
guykawasaki (44,668)
macrumors (43,658)

Thanks to for the top10 info.