Definition of a Mashup

What is a Mashup? In current vocabulary, a mashup is a combination of any two things that were designed to be independent of each other.

In my world, a mashup is a compilation of at least 2 songs to create something even better than the original mastered version of the song.

A great example of this is “Say It Sweet”, which is a combination of Sweet Dreams and Say It Right.

Notice how you can hear Nelly Furtado
over The Eurythmics
who were never performing during the same generation.  (Shout out to DJ John Faruggio)

Up until inventions like the online shopping cart service CrooklynClan, DJ’s were creating these remixes live and on the fly. This website(the best of a handfull) sells mashup’s for DJ’s to use in their sets. This can accomplish 2 things;

  • Taking a song that is not danceable and distributing a version that is appropriate for the dancefloor.
  • Taking a song and remixing it to make for a more creative DJ set.