2009: A Year In Review

Here we go, start to finish.

I met Dean Whitney and began working for him at GGI Agency. I went from a UNH Class of 2009 Geography Major, to an Online Marketing Professional and Digital Content Producer. Was I qualified? Probably not, but I kicked ass at my job.

I spun my largest party of 1200 people at the Worcester DCU Arena. I convinced most of my DJ friends to use the same DJ software that I use, Serato Scratch Live. I can publicly say that I cannot DJ without my laptop anymore.

I bought my 2nd iPhone the day that I was let go from my first job. I waited 2 hours in line to find out that I didn’t have a job to return to. Three weeks later, I got a job at a little company called HubSpot. I am now on the services team here, solving problems all day.  My new job forced me to move out of New Hampshire, and down to Boston which has been quite an experience.

Shout outs to all of rockstars in my life

Kyle James

Doug Breault

Yoav Shapira

Dan Abdinoor

Brian Whalley

Kyle Paice

No links necessary because this post is about me, not them.