Guest Post: The Notorious BKS

The Best Kept Secret, or as he is known, The Notorious B.K.S., seemed to just come out of no where, but his roots are based inBoston Massachusetts.  Growing up in Salem MA, The B.K.S. found a love for music at a very early age, always the avid performer, the B.K.S. would bring his pause mixtapes out on his porch for all in the neighborhood to hear, (whether they wanted to or not!).

Growing up in Hip Hop’s “Golden Era” The B.K.S. was like a musical sponge, soaking up not just the music, but the inspiration behind it.  Once he saved up enough money to buy his first set of decks, he hit the ground running.  Leaving Boston behind for college in PIttsburgh PA, The B.K.S. was able to bring his passion for music and hip hop to his fellow students.  There was nothing he would not do, Frat Parties, Bars, Lounges, The B.K.S. was making moves without even being able to legally buy a drink.  After graduation, he made his way home to Boston, with a chip on his shoulder and a truckload of records, it was time to grind.  Hustling his way into a local club, he befriended a local legend, DJ Gee-Spin.  Gee put him onto becoming a professional DJ, helping to mold and hone his skills.  After that the sky was the limit, after touring and doing show after show, The B.K.S. still brings it with every set, the prowess of a veteran, and the prowess of a virtuoso.

The B.K.S. brings intense bass drops along with unheard of precision in his scratching creating a truly unique sound all his own.  Combined with the energy and enthusiasm of a club goer instead of a dj, B.K.S.’s performance is an energy packed dance floor adventure.   From Hip-Hop to Rock, Electro to Top 40’s there is no genre of music that is safe from The B.K.S.’s needles. A specialist of live show Mash-Ups He has established himself as one of Boston’s premiere dj’s. Performing at such venues as Shrine @ The MGM Grand, The Roxy, CBS Scene, and many other venues in the NorthEast. The B.K.S. can be found rocking the house almost every night of the week in the hottest city on the planet! – 2010 For that ass! – 90’s R&B mix – I Loved College, the 98 – 09 semesters!