Product Review: Skull Candy InkD Earbuds

I have been an iPhone user for about 2 and a half years now, and spend at least 2 hours a day using this device to play music. Up until now, I have been using the suggested iPhone Earbuds from Apple.
I used these for two reasons:

  1. They contain a built-in microphone which made for a seamless audio to phone-call transition.
  2. Apple said so.

Having purchased 4 pairs of these headphones from Apple, and received one pair in the mail after a pair exploded from static electricity, I found myself questioning the worth of these earbuds.  I am a very big fan of listening to a manufacturer about pairing products, as they understand the engineering logic of pairing two products together. Unfortunatly Apple does not have the techincal sophistication to make earbuds with the same quality of their higher end products, like phones and laptops.

    I decided to replace my earbud of choice with the Skull Candy InkD earbuds.  I purchased these for two reasons.

    1. The fact that they received over 500 Amazon Reviews.
    2. They were cheap.

    I spent $30 today on three pair of these headphones, which is the equivalent of 1 pair of the Apple iPhone Earbuds. I am very satisfied with these earbuds after one day of usage. While the 11mm driver is quite tiny, it will keep me satisfied during my daily commute, as well as other listening adventure.  I chose with the smallest of the three enclosed rubber mounts, that fit easily onto the earbuds.  I do have big ears, but it seems that the smallest mount does in fact fit best.

    For $9.99 each, these were an amazing buy(all three pair).