Life update. 3 Years @ HubSpot.

We just celebrated Independence day, which means I have been at HubSpot for 3 years.   This certainly does feel similar to when I entered my 4th year of college. I finally am starting to understand the places I live, the things I do, and what this is really all about.

Three years ago, I moved into the city to begin my Job at the (then) startup company called HubSpot.   We have grown from 80 to 400 employees, and from 2000 to 7000 customers. Since then I have traveled from the Support Team, to Development team as a QA Engineer, and for the last year I have been working on the Information Technology team.  Looking back, it is fascinating how my role has been driven by learning our software and tools has changed the lives of our customers and helped created great inbound marketers.

Other tasks like hosting parties, planning company wide meetings, driving a bus(without a keg in it(wink)), and blowing up beach balls have inspired me to be passionate about defending company culture, and improving it for the future.