Notes from Dublin

Hello Friends!

Here are a few notes from my first 3 weeks working here in Dublin.   Just incase you did not know, I packed my bags on January 2nd to move from Boston to Dublin to launch the first satellite office for HubSpot.  My first visit to Europe was just 3 weeks before I moved, to prepare the office with technical and facilities equipment.  The barrier to entry from Boston to Dublin is quite simple, and I was far from shellshocked.   A 5 hour flight, arriving to a population of the kindest people who speak nearly identical English, with very similar technology, and a slightly different monetary system made my acclimation quite simple.

We launched the office on January 7th, and successfully met our goals to bring the rest of the team to work.  Working here was quite different from Boston, where I took the ability to get anything in 24 hours for granted. Even Amazon Prime with a shipping center located just a short drive away does not exist, which made personal purchases even more of a hassle   Another technology change which is fascinating is the alternate licensing for online streaming services.  Hulu, Pandora, and Amazon Prime Movies do not work here at all, while Netflix displays alternate programming. I did purchase Spotify Premium, which I use in my apartment and at work.

Living my my hotel-apartment has been quite a change.  Coming here with only clothes, a camera, a laptop, and a Playstation 3, I am completely relying on everything that was found here.   The Playstation 3 is great for music, movies, and the occasional spree of Black Ops.  I was able to preload the PS3 back home with music, so I am able to keep background music always playing here in the apartment.  My room with a view here in the Ireland International Financial Services Center reminds me a lot of Boston’s Financial District, with great lunch spots, lots of business services, and coincidentally a great view of the water.

While I was not able to bring my DJ and Production equipment with me on the trip, I have still immersed myself in the scene here. I have spent some time at Ireland’s national radio broadcaster RTE during their weekly Saturday night dance music show.   My close friend DJ Dave Treacy spins House, RnB, and Electro there.  He also introduced me to a great nightclub here spinning disco and house called The Lost Society which reminds me of an old victorian mansion.   Boston does appear to have a much larger impact from house music.

Boston I miss you, and I will see you again in a few months when I return!

Here are a few pictures of myself, the apartment, and the office.