Jawbone Up24

I finally purchased a “wear-a-ble”. I bought the Jawbone Up24 from Amazon last week. This newer ’24’ model has wireless sync’ing to my iPhone, so the stats are updated on 20 minute intervals. So far, this has not obviously changed battery life, which I was nervous about at first. The device tracks steps per day, sleep patterns, and food intake (manually). So far, I am very impressed with the statistics collected, and the goals are positioned well within the application.


Here is a screenshot of a day’s worth of steps, where I focused on the application’s suggestion of 10,000 steps per day.

2014-01-16 21.16.40

It also switches into sleep mode and can track sleeping patterns from once you turn it on, until it is turned off in the morning. I tested the alarm mode which is supposed to intelligently wake you just once, and it tried to wake me after I was already out of bed.

2014-01-16 21.16.58

Would I suggest buying this? The data is fascinating and keeps me focused on my steps, sleep, and food intake. Is it worth $150? Yes