A DJ’s favorite DJ’s

This is a list of my favorite DJ’s and producers. I look up to these artists for musical inspiration, new tracks, new styles to evolve my sets.

DJ E-rock– From Las Vegas, E-Rock spins one of the largest nightclubs in town, 1 Oak.erock I met him years ago at Haze, and have been listening to his podcast since the days of Wild 949.  His open format sets with big room anthems and club sounds are some of my favorites to listen to. I also admire the creative marketing twist that he displays both traveling, and spinning some of the top nightclubs.


Brendan Fallis– I found Brendan on Soundcloud when I first got into deep house music.

mainImage2His sets are dominantly inspired by his second job, as a fashion model.  His Soundcloud sets are spot on, and I have even used these as background music at events in the past.



DJ Breeazy– If I was ever going to trainspot another DJ and steal all of the tracks from their set, it would be Breeazy’s.  He has been playing Boston’s largest nightclub for quite some time, and operates the largest dance floors in the city.

43-atxlHis sets opening for some of Boston’s biggest touring acts and playing on party boat cruises both have the same theme, keeping the crowd happy.




Viceroy– Summertime is all the time. One of my favorite genre’s to spin is anything that this guy puts out, or has in his mixtapes. Cre8tive-Music-Launch-DJ-Viceroy-Grand-Theft-Auto-Party-Microsoft-ATX-The-DomainHis track Ride Wit Me is one of my favorites to play, and even listen to during me time. Listen to his Vita tapes for great tropical tunes. This guy takes tropical tunes to a new level.



Mark Kinchen-MK is one of my favorite DJ/Producers who just happened to create my favorite track.  While I was living in Europe, his song Look Right Through

url was the biggest song in the clubs, and it was great to hear him play a set in Boston with his distinct deep sound.  MKis a very simple performance DJ, using all specialized edits of each of his tracks which built the crowd up. Shout out to DT for introducing me to his tracks.