My Musical Interests

I am frequently asked “Dave, what type of music is your favorite to spin” or ” Dave, what songs does a DJ keep on his iPod”? ┬áTen years ago, a DJ was the most popular kid on the block because he was the one with the super music collection, the go-to guy for mixtapes, and had new tunes first.

Now, every single DJ has the same music, that even the nightclub lists sound like top-40 radio stations. Since it is apparent that all DJ’s share their music, I have just about all of the music that I could ever need.

So what is on my iPod?

  • Wild 949 Podcast
  • DJ Tiesto Weekly Podcast
  • Revision 3-DiggNation + TRS
  • Mashup and Electro Mixtapes from

I prefer to listen to mixed content on my iPod, as I don’t have to rely on the shuffle feature to make sure that I have great music playing at all times. I prefer to just turn on a 60 minute mixtape, and let it play than playing through 20 songs in a playlist.