Clubbing in London

My boy Dave Treacy and I went to London for the weekend. We flew @ 5AM on Saturday morning, and stayed in the posh Westminster neighborhood. It was my first time visiting England so this was a very exciting trip. Key points in the trip included Dave’s Operation Transformation AKA We Love Beats radio show at the BBC studio, lunch in Chintatown, shopping on Oxford and Regent streets, and an evening of clubbing. We met up with Shane Kehoe, and went to Ministry of Sound. This club is in the top-10-worlds-clubs list, and I expected to be in awe the entire evening.   Each of the 4 rooms with music have 3 DJ’s per night, so I was able to hear alot of styles and songs.  The highlight of the evening was giving Zedd a pat on the back after he finished up his set in The Box, the largest room in the club.