Another Behind-The-Scenes Update

Two years ago, I wrote about my website infrastructure changes.   I just made another change to improve 3 things; page load speed, podcast streaming, and raw stability.  I use a tool called Pingdom to monitor my website so I had very accurate data as to when my website was performing poorly.  Using some magic(Amazon S3) to share the images and podcast songs, the site is loading in under 3 seconds, where it used to take 9.  I chose WP Engine based on a few close friend reviews, and a trusted friend is an investor in their product(yes it is a small world after all).   Their customer support and  management panels are superior to the rest, and I am very impressed with the service.

I am still using HubSpot Analytics and Elegant Themes for the site.

Check them out

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 4.06.13 PM