My 2014

I changed careers for the first time in 5 years, DJ’d many fantastic events, and upgraded nearly all of my technology.



Career. I moved on from HubSpot to Act-On after a 5 year adventure. I was able to watch the team transform  from 60 employees to its peak as a billion dollar public company. Congrats to everyone for growing an amazing marketing machine.  Something I was missing while at HubSpot was working in a customer facing role. Now at Act-On, I am a product specialist working with all of our new customers on implementing the technology into their marketing efforts.   I am also working to build our new office expansion here in Burlington.  This reminds me of the time I spent in Dublin building the office there.

Website. This website has been running on WP-Engine with an ElegantThemes WordPress theme for nearly a year now. Traditionally, I spend the holiday break updating and rebuilding the back end of my website. Now with WP-Engine, I do not need to worry about maintenance or changes to the site. Page load time was decreased, as well as the number of outages which happened with the previous web host.  I also changed mp3 player plugins to use the native WordPress audio player, so all browsers and devices can play the mp3 mixtapes on the site.

DJ. This year I learned a lesson: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I made the move to Serato DJ from Serato Scratch Live. For the first time, I had my software crash while in a set. DJ’ing has become more technologically advanced with computer integration and I need to get back to basics with my system.  I have been playing great gigs for venture events, clubs like Royale and Estate, and other private events around town using Serato DJ and USB with on the CDJ2000’s.  Listen to my recent recorded mixtapes here.

Technology. I upgraded my old iPad 2 to the iPad Air 2. While the shelf life of these devices is just over 2 years, I waited to upgrade and found this new iPad Air 2 can be a replacement for a standard issue laptop.   I also purchased the iPhone 5s over my old 4s, but that is old news now.  I am still an Apple fanboy.



Thank you to all of the friends and peers who were in the 2014 adventure.