How I built an iTunes Podcast for my Mixtapes


I’ve been hosting my own website for nearly 6 years now with a WordPress server, and never wanted to risk another company or product having control of my website.  Many of these web applications come and go, as well as make business changes which could affect my website. Just recently, Soundcloud angered many artists with its changes to how they delivered trademarked music.  Many users flocked to Mixcloud and other hosting services after these changes.   For many years, I have hosted my own podcast on my website to avoid swings like Soundcloud made, as well as having complete control for the delivery of my mixtapes. I have an iTunes feed which makes for simple delivery to iPhones and AppleTV, and even a HTML5 mobile web player for folks using other devices.  Here is how I set this up.


  1. Hosting the website on WordPress allows me to create a category just for my mixtapes.
  2. The podPress plugin to create the iTunes feed and iTunes store profile information.
  3.  Submit the podcast directly to Apple
  4. For every new blog post, use WordPress Shortcodes to embed the mp3 file into each new blog post. This uses HTML5 so it can be played in all browsers on all devices.
  5. When I upload each of my mp3s to my web host, they are automatically transferred to Amazon S3. This enables my podcast to be played anywhere around the world with a very responsive experience, since it is hosted in the Amazon Cloud.