Serato >>>>> Rekordbox

After 8 years with Serato Scratch Live(And a bit of DJ), I made the move to CDJ’s with Rekordbox exclusively. Here are some thoughts.

Prepping playlists. Inside of Serato, dragging and dropping crates in a parent/child hierarchy is fantastic.  These work perfectly as expected and have become a standard for all other DJ softwares.  Serato also allows for quick export from Crates to folders for easy backup.  I am still keeping my Serato Crates up to date, so I am adding all of my new music here, followed by exporting to a local computer folder, and importing that into Rekordbox.   Serato Bulk changes and tag management are still better, but can all be done with a few extra clicks in Rekordbox.

When analyzing the songs in crates, Serato is much simpler to insert its first cue point, and is more accurate with the beat counter. Rekordbox has analyzed many of the songs incorrectly, and it is quirky to set the first beat. Pioneer seems to keep re-writing how this looks in the software, and which has been improved since RB’s first version.

Individual Songs- With Serato timecode control, I found myself mixing using the first hot-start button on my computer or players for nearly every track. Now with CDJ mixing, I am using the cue point for the single start point for each track.  Reading waveforms from Serato to Rekordbox is different as well. Since I am used to those in SDJ, it takes some getting used to the peaks and valleys in rekordbox.

Importing Music. I still find it easier to sort from many folders into Serato then export and import into Rekordbox. I don’t want to import every song downloaded into Rekordbox, since it is harder to clean up that database than it is for Serato.  Nearly all of my MP3’s are purchased from DJCity and are tagged properly for Serato, but not Rekordbox.

Spinning Live.  Setting up is much quicker now that I do not need a laptop, wires, and a USB soundcard connected to my gear. Things also look cleaner now that the setup is simpler.  I find myself queue’ing up tracks quicker with Rekordbox while with Serato, always waiting until the last minute. I have acknowledged that finding a track in a pinch, whether it is for a request or a creative set is tougher on the CDJ’s.



Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.43.27 PM



Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.44.31 PM


Which is the better product? In 2015, I am happy to be on Rekordbox with XDJ’s.